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Carving tiles are one of a kind unique offerings where veins are carved into the tile to give your space an opulent look. The carved veins in the tile shine as the light falls on the carved veins on the satin matte tiles. Available in two sizes; 600x1200mm & 600x600mm, there is a carving tile available for everyone.
Cemento mousy
Canary bianco
Canary brown
Canary grey
Canary olive
Athens silver
Athens crema
Athens brown

Cemento Bleach porcelain tiles offer a clean and bright aesthetic, elevating your space with a sense of purity and modernity. Crafted with advanced techniques, these tiles make a lasting impression with their sleek design.
Explore the unique charm of natural patterns with Cemento Fossil porcelain tiles. Inspired by fossilized textures, this series brings a touch of nature’s beauty to your space, offering durability and aesthetic appeal.
Immerse your space in contemporary tones with Cemento Grey porcelain tiles. Boasting sleek and versatile grey shades, this series embodies modern elegance, creating a chic ambiance in indoor and outdoor settings.
Embrace the subtlety of design with Cemento Mousy porcelain tiles. Soft and muted tones create an atmosphere of understated luxury, perfect for enhancing indoor and outdoor spaces with refined aesthetics.
Illuminate your surroundings with Cemento Ivory porcelain tiles. Offering a sense of purity and sophistication, these tiles bring a touch of timeless elegance to both indoor and outdoor areas.